About Us

Rep. Your. City.

Launched in 2008, STRAIT PINKIE is an independent clothing brand based out of Louisville, Ky. As you can see from several of our t-shirts, which are motivated by the Derby City, we pride ourselves on being from Louisville and all of our merchandise is designed and constructed right here in Louisville.

Allow us to help you tell your story.

We all have something that we are passionate about and a story to tell. Whether that be a sports team, memories from childhood, your school, your community, or even food or drink, we want to help you tell that story.

We realize the importance of quality. 

There is nothing better than that crazy soft t-shirt that fits you perfectly, right? It's so soft that when you take it out of the laundry, it doesn't even make it to the drawer because you can't wait to put it on again.

That describes all of our Strait Pinkie t-shirts, which will quickly move up in your t-shirt rotation. All of our shirts are crazy soft and designed to last.

So soft, you won't want to take it off.

We are accessible.

We understand the importance of accessibility. Nothing is more frustrating than having a question for a company and getting a delayed response, or even worse, no response at all. That is why we pride ourselves on providing the most efficient customer service possible.

Give us a shot. We pinkie swear you'll love everything about us.

So head on over to the products page and pick out a Strait Pinkie t-shirt. You'll quickly want another one to slide into your t-shirt rotation.

Contact us.

Email: info@straitpinkie.com

Crazy soft tees. Louisville Owned and Operated.

Rep. Your. City.

Strait Pinkie